Today I was feeling a bit stressed out because we have some guests over this weekend and the house is still an epic mess. I rushed this morning, took 2 pills of Thermopure instead of fish oil and, although I was eager to train, I wasn’t in a good mood.

To make things worse, the gym was already packed when I got there and the girls were warming-up in the stretching area, so it was bound to become worse. 

I set up my power clean+plyo exercises trying not to bother anybody. The sheet said 27.5kg and I remember struggling with this weight at some point in the past. I knew it wouldn’t be much of a problem this time, but I did a warm-up set anyway, just to focus on my technique better. Yeah right! The first set was a mess, I couldn’t coordinate anything, I was simply all over the place. Then my brain refused to jump on the box while I was holding 6kg dumbbells. I can do it, I know. It’s just my brain that’s fucked up. So I went back to 4kg. I did an extra set to make up for the joke of power cleans in the beginning and on the final plyo set I managed to jump holding the heavier dumbbells. But only 4 times because my brain decided it was going too well. I couldn’t do the waiter carry because some dude piled up all the dumbbells around him and was doing…God knows what, I don’t even know  what it’s called. 

So I was already annoyed and it was time for dumbbell bench press. The dude was still holding all the dumbbells around him so I skipped to single-leg RDLs. That went peacefully. But I had to bench press. The only available bench had been dragged across the room under a Smith machine. The guy was still very possessive with all the dumbbells I needed. I didn’t feel like carrying the bench next to him so I shyly started setting up my stuff around the Smith machine. Then the girls showed up and after bumping into each other a few times I’ve decided I needed to move. So I grabbed the bench while all the dudes in the gym were sitting on their asses and staring at me. I didn’t really need help, but it was annoying because they generally help each other, not just sit and stare. The most difficult bit was to align the bench next to the other ones because the wheels were broken, actually, missing altogether. Then I waited for the guy to finish his angry set and asked him if I could borrow the 10kg dumbbells. I asked, he didn’t say anything, so I took them and just when I was about to start my set he took his headphones out of his ears and asked me with a panicked face what I was doing and if we can take turns. Of course, chill! He didn’t really need them that very instant, actually, he didn’t even touch them afterwards. 

The weird guy went on to bicep curls, no, it was some other monkey business, something I’ve never seen before, and abandoned all the dumbbells on the floor. Another huge guy was doing bicep curls next to him and I was getting ready to start my last set – 12 kg, my record so far. Suddenly, this dude shows up out of nowhere, stands between the huge guy and my bench and starts piling weight on a small bar. Probably for bicep curls. Damned mirror, we were all crammed in a squared metre and, although I told him there’s definitely not enough room for everybody, he couldn’t care less. I let him finish his goddamn set, then started mine. I was barely holding the dumbbells above my chest when he decided to change his weights. I was lying on the bench, staring at the ceiling, and I could see his head!! I told him I don’t trust myself with those weights and he didn’t get the hint. I finished my set, three painful reps, and got the hell outta there.

I put all the dumbbells back, except the 14 kg ones because I was too angry, and looked for an empty squat rack. Some guy said he had one more set to go and he actually approached me and told me when he finished. How sweet! Just that he left the bar loaded with 20kg and 25kg plates, hanging somewhere above my head. Thanks, but no thanks! I’m not unloading 90kg for you. Luckily the rack next to it was empty so I didn’t have to yell at him. 

Last exercise –  front squat Tabata. I was hoping to increase my speed, but I had to increase the weight. So overall, 6 reps in the first two sets and only 5 for the rest. Quite lame, but 35kg and better form, for sure. I’m happy about it. After 6 sets, I was enjoying my 10s break when this guy showed up asking if he could take something. I assumed he wouldn’t start unloading my bar, but I had no idea what he was saying so, barely breathing and desperate that he was wasting my time, I just replied “Take whatever you want!”. He seemed puzzled, said “Cheers!”, grabbed a barbell pad off the floor and ran as quickly as possible away from the crazy little person. 

So yeah, I was grumpy today.