A lucky day…

Today I had a very special day. I woke up at 6 am to go for training and fell asleep/passsed out until 7:38. So I left in a hurry, forgot my uni card and on the way to the gym I managed to crash my bike. I now proudly wear a purple-red mark on my right knee.

My training session was really poor. I felt very weak and struggled with squats and bench press. I’ve learned some new tricks, though, which made the time spent in the gym worthwhile.

Then I rushed home to get a shower, but there were no more visitor cards at the porter’s lodge, so I ended up sitting in front of my building, on the steps, waiting for somebody to get out. I’ve texted some neighbours, but they weren’t home. I thought ¬†about updating my FB status, hoping that somebody might notice and save me. I felt like a homeless person, tired, cold and covered in mud.

I managed to get back into the house and the day continued without any incidents.

And this is where it gets bad. I had a formal booked for dinner. A formal at a very posh college, with exquisite menus and great expectations. I mean…menus with smoked salmon, rib eye steak, leg of lamb,¬†guinea fowl, duck leg rillette and all sort of stuff I didn’t even hear about before. I checked previous menus when booking the place and I was really looking forward to having this dinner. And then my main course was… crab risotto. With roasted potatoes… I don’t think I’ve seen such a sad plate in my life. I wanted to take a photo, but it was unbearable. We searched for the crab in vain. I had rice and potatoes for dinner. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around it. Who on earth eats rice with potatoes?? The entire meal had hardly any protein. The healthiest thing was the rucola salad, with 3 cajun nuts and some shredded cheese. I hate rucola, but the tiny salad was heaven compared to the rest of the food. Even the buttered bread and the mango pure with whipped cream seemed a healthier version compared to the main course. I picked up the peas from the risotto and called it a day. Such a disappointment!