Something colourful

I thought I’d share this here. It’s healthy and colourful and almost unbelievable – tasty vegetables! Tasty on their own, cooked without any meat.

I wanted to make ratatouille, but found something more interesting here. It’s easy to prepare, it only requires a bit of patience. The result is worthwhile, it tastes divine.

I had it with grilled chicken, obviously.

[Later edit] I remembered I didn’t follow the recipe exactly. I added some sliced garlic to the pan. Everything tastes better with garlic. 😀


Sweet confusion

I told myself I’d stop writing all the minor things happening in the gym, but this was too good to ignore.

Today was quite crowded. The girls were having their usual strength and conditioning session and I was happily doing my single-leg RDLs. Suddenly, their main coach walks in. I’ve seen him around before, but he never enters the power room. All the girls welcome him cheerfully, but he stops in front of me and says something like

“It seems we have a new player here.”

I stop midway through my set, holding the barbell in my arms and stare in disbelief. He smiles and repeats his sentence. My oxygen deprived brain comes up with

“What are you playing?”

Now it’s his turn to be confused.

“What are you playing?”

At this point, it becomes clear to him, if it hasn’t been already, that I am not training with the girls.


Ah, finally, I know. I always wondered if they were rowers. My brain is trying to wrap around the answer. Which one was netball?

He gives me a thumbs up and walks quietly towards the other coach.

I have no idea what happened there, but on his way out he smiled and said something – either “Good luck!” or “Good work!”. I was so tired, I could barely utter a “Thank you.”

Strange conversation, but the guy was supportive and encouraging. I finished my RDLs smiling and I could tell that everybody was staring at me.