So much pain

Those split squats are to blame, as usually. The bad pain didn’t get worse, which is good.

I increased the level on the bike today and still managed to finish the Tabata sets.

Last time I was watching the rubbish bin as if I would’ve been able to run to it in case I got sick. Today I focused on videos during the breaks (without any sound, because I can’t stand wires and ear plugs around me when I’m exercising). At some point a girl bit into an apple and all I could think about was “Oh God, apples!” like it was the most desirable thing on Earth.

I got home cheerful and made myself an enormous breakfast (or brunch). I had some berries with yoghurt and quark and figured the benefits of eating them outnumbered the carbs I’ve been ingesting. I also had an apple for my late lunch because, well, APPLES!!! I should behave for the rest of the day, I want the scale to lie to me nicely tomorrow morning. ¬†At least I won’t be horribly hungry like yesterday. I had enough food for lunch, but ended up with an uncontrollable urge to eat everything in the fridge around 5pm. I took out eggs, bacon and cheese, then put everything back and had a shake with some peanuts. Best peanuts in my life!


Not giving up yet

I felt the need to record my progress here. Sometimes I lose track of my training and this blog helps.

I’ve started a new cycle, again actually, on Friday and I plan to continue without interruptions this time. No major trips planned until the end of May, so it should happen.

This week I’m doing three weight sessions and two Tabatas on the bike. So far, I managed to stick to the plan. I hope I’ll be able to recover quickly. I’m in moderate pain and, unfortunately, it’s not all good pain. My right wrist, which was the good one, the one I could rely on, hurts (probably from carrying suitcases around Greece). I stopped doing side planks because of that and I do hope it will heal at some point. Also, my left ankle hurts, probably from some hops or split squats gone wrong. I did my split squats barefoot today and had to break the 10 reps into 5 reps sets. Still, I barely managed to finish the exercises. I wouldn’t blame that on the ankle, though.

I’m not stopping – Tabata tomorrow! There’s this dress and this party at the beginning of June which really motivate me.