Lately I have been writing down all the tiny details happening in the gym. All the interaction, all the pain, all the progress. I don’t feel the need to share everything anymore. Which is a good thing, it means I’m getting used to the new pace and I don’t find things so out of ordinary.

I’m still training like crazy every day. Form and strength are improving. The fat is still stubborn. I know it’s slowly going away, but sometimes I feel hopeless. Especially after another week passes by and the weekend is approaching. I feel that sitting on my ass during the two recovery days is making me lose all the progress I’ve made during the week. Tomorrow we’re going on a bike trip, that should help. Oh boy, I’m going to be soooo hungry.

What else? I’ve watched a stupid guy in the gym today. Nothing new here. Everybody was watching, actually. I was so scared for his life, I mumbled something like “That’s not very smart!” hoping he would hear. I’m not sure how the exercise is called. He was standing on his toes on the edge of the small plyo box, with his heels outside the box and pushing with his back against the bar of the Smith machine. How does that help? Is it good for glutes, calves? There were steppers all over the place, why did he take the box? OK, it wasn’t THAT dangerous. The problem was the box was too light and would flip under his weight. It took him a while to figure out he could pile some heavy plates on the other side. I think somebody suggested that, I’m not sure it was his idea. I decided to ignore him instead of saying something like “If you’re really going to do that stupid exercise, you might want to add some weight to the box…” That sounds offensive, doesn’t it? I think I’m becoming too mean. I do stupid things in the gym too, like constructing unsafe boxes for split squats and planking in the most unusual places. I’m glad nobody dropped weights on me yet. I’ve optimised my routine and my use of boxes, though, so things go smoother now.

I did Tabata front squats at the end of my workout. I was already quite tired and miserable, so I used only 32.5kg, but focused on increasing the number of reps. I managed to do 7 reps for the first two sets and 6 reps for the others. There was a lot of panting, grunting and  even some mild screaming involved. After I finished my sets I noticed people were staring. A lot…


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