Girls in the power room

I’ve had a weird day so far. I promised a friend I will take her around the city centre this morning. I hesitated about having breakfast, then I realised nobody counted me in during cooking. I felt relieved, no temptation to skip my morning protein shake!

Our short morning walk turned into a couple of hours of circling the main sights and, eventually, I dropped her at the train station and went to the gym. It was already lunch time, I was starving and tired.

The power room was full and I was feeling dizzy. I did my squat jumps and my single-leg hops on the small box. Next to me, a guy was jumping on the big plyo box. I was so jealous. I hope I’ll able to do that soon. Meanwhile, my left leg kept embarrassing me and refused to jump properly. I kept pushing until I managed to complete a rather decent set.

Then I went on to front squats. I asked the guy if anybody was using the squat rack and he replied panting. I felt bad for interrupting his break. So I started unloading the bar in the rack and forgot that the weight is so heavy it could tilt it. As I was taking the last plate, the guy ran desperately towards the other end of the bar. I stopped and apologised. I felt really ashamed and I thought I didn’t deserve to be in the gym and I’d better wake up if I wanted to continue my session.

As I was struggling with 55kg on the front squat another girl was easily squatting 60 kg. She did a few sets and disappeared. I’ve noticed this. Girls come in, squat some rather heavy weights smiling and leave in 5 min. What’s this?? Why aren’t girls having a proper training session in the power room if they’re so good?

Anyway, I went on with deadlift. It was getting quite crowded at this point and some other dudes were setting up a bar in front of me. They seemed to be taking turns, I wasn’t paying much attention to them. I did some warm up sets and decided to lift 75kg for my main sets. The first didn’t go well. I did one rep and felt like I was doing something wrong. So I took a short break and attacked again. I managed to lift the weight two more times, but I wasn’t sure my form was correct.

It was time for the YTWL holds and I had to ask a guy to move his ass off the bench. I always feel bad when I have to ask people to move so I could do some silly looking exercise, but this guy wasn’t even resting. He was staring at the dudes deadlifting and, it turned out, he was waiting for me to finish so he can take the bar. I did the holds and he moved next to my bar and leaned against the squat rack.

So it was time for my final set. I wasn’t sure I could do it. The guy in front of me started his set and his form was terrible. The weight was obviously too much for him. He wasn’t arching his back, he struggled to lock the bar…I’m not sure he even did it, I stopped watching the ordeal at some point. And it was my turn. The guy I moved off the bench was standing behind me, the other guys were mumbling something about adding more weight to their bar and I felt watched. And I wasn’t worried about people staring at my butt, I was worried I would do a crappy deadlift, with my back rounded and my knees wobbling around. So I did my best to finish my set and let the guy start his.

Now, the guy said my weight was perfect for him and I was expecting he would do some warmup reps and increase the weight for deadlifts. I knew it would be impressive because he was a tall African dude with lean muscles – not a lot of volume, still strong. But then he just grabbed the 75kg bar, did a super fast power clean, followed by an overhead press and a squat. It all happened so fast, the weight seemed to float around him like it was a light wooden stick. And he went on like that for a while. My jaw dropped. I couldn’t even follow all his movement, my brain was incapable of recording it.

After I finished my accessory exercises, I was still bothered by my deadlift and, since the guy was resting, I approached him and asked him to watch my form. I did an extra rep and he told me my back was arched properly, but I could stick out my chest more. I didn’t realise that, I always focused on arching my back, not on keeping it as vertical as possible. I know I sometimes tend to lift my butt and then pull the weight, so I need to focus on this more. I was relieved it still looked decent, though.

Overall, not a bad day. Tired as hell, yet, I managed to push my deadlift a little bit more.


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