No more, please!

I knew this dreaded moment would come. Last night I was lying in bed and I couldn’t sleep because my body was horribly tired and my muscles were still boiling from the Tabata sets. Every cell was screaming “Please, please, we don’t want to go training tomorrow!!!”

Obviously, that was not an option. Today was weights day and I wouldn’t want to miss that.  This time I made sure I train within a time frame. I managed to keep up the pace and I was out of the gym in 1h. Ok, plus the warm-up and 3×5 assisted pull-ups in the other room.

A lot of funny things happened today. The guy filming his squats probably got more videos of my feet. This time I stayed away from the camera while he was doing his sets.

At some point I helped a girl adjust the height of her bar in the squat rack. She had no idea how to do it and she was struggling to reach a bar that was at eye level!! I helped her put the bar down, adjusted the thing, then left. She called me to put the weight back. The bar was only 30kg so I assumed she can manage it. Oups! So I grabbed the end of the bar and pulled it up, then I realised she was seriously struggling with the other end. My bad, again! It turned out we should’ve set it a notch lower, but she said she’s fine  and started her squats with the bar high on her shoulders. I wanted to say something, then I stopped because I don’t want to baby-sit people in the gym and, in general, people in the gym don’t like baby-sitting. Two other girls showed up later on, but I didn’t notice what sort of exercises they were doing. One of them was training with a bunch of guys and looked really fit. Heh, good old days…

I’m definitely getting stronger, but I’m still far from the truth. So, in order to keep my balance, I’m doing all the single-leg exercises barefoot (actually, I wore socks with sheep if you must ask). I did my single-leg deadlifts, then spent some serious time setting up the rack for split squats. On my first set I managed to scrape my toe-nail against all the crevices on the plyo box. That didn’t feel good at all!! No blood was gushing through my socks, though, so I went on with the rest of my set. I wished I had my shoes on at that point and I noticed he guy next to me was wearing some that seemed more appropriate for weight training. I was a bit jealous, I admit.

While I was stretching between sets some fat dude that looked like a manager showed up with two other guys and started showing off all the stuff in the power room. I didn’t know what’s the policy of the gym regarding shoes, but I was pretty sure they shouldn’t see me struggling during split squats so I sat down quietly in a corner. Then I realised the guy next to me was supersetting deadlifts with pull-ups and wasn’t wearing his shoes anymore. Who knew I was a trend-setter?? 😀

I finished the day with my embarrassing inverted rows. Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me, but I feel like I’m getting closer and closer to the bar each time. Meanwhile, the rest of the gym is probably thinking “What the f is she doing??” Anyway, I think using the Smith machine for inverted rows is acceptable.

I should be cleaning up the house because we have guests this weekend, but all I want to do is sit on my ass.


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