So much pain

Those split squats are to blame, as usually. The bad pain didn’t get worse, which is good.

I increased the level on the bike today and still managed to finish the Tabata sets.

Last time I was watching the rubbish bin as if I would’ve been able to run to it in case I got sick. Today I focused on videos during the breaks (without any sound, because I can’t stand wires and ear plugs around me when I’m exercising). At some point a girl bit into an apple and all I could think about was “Oh God, apples!” like it was the most desirable thing on Earth.

I got home cheerful and made myself an enormous breakfast (or brunch). I had some berries with yoghurt and quark and figured the benefits of eating them outnumbered the carbs I’ve been ingesting. I also had an apple for my late lunch because, well, APPLES!!! I should behave for the rest of the day, I want the scale to lie to me nicely tomorrow morning.  At least I won’t be horribly hungry like yesterday. I had enough food for lunch, but ended up with an uncontrollable urge to eat everything in the fridge around 5pm. I took out eggs, bacon and cheese, then put everything back and had a shake with some peanuts. Best peanuts in my life!


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