The low-carb saga continues

I made another bread experiment. This time I used coconut flour only because I was curious how it behaves. I’ve read about it and found out it’s very dry and you need to add a lot of eggs. So I beat 6 eggs, added some salt and 3/4 cup coconut flour. Before even mixing everything, I turned around to grab the baking powder. I didn’t look at the dough for 10s and when I got back to it everything had turned into a massive lump stuck to the whisk. I had to knead in the baking powder – not a very efficient thing to do. The dough was crumbly and soft, but smelled nice. I baked it for 40 min or so and it didn’t puff up much.

IMG_9189I probably should’ve baked it in a different tin, but I don’t own any and won’t be buying one soon due to storage problems. Also, I like the flat bread, it’s really good for sandwiches.

IMG_9195The coconut bread is very dense and heavy. It tastes nice, but you can’t enjoy it on its own because it absorbs moisture very fast. It is a good vehicle for hummus, though.

IMG_9201I’m not sure I can toast this. I used the almond flour bread in the sandwich maker and it behaved well, but I had to make sure the crust didn’t burn before the cheese melted. I also put a slice in the toaster and it turned out softer in the centre instead of drying out. The crust was nice and crunchy, though. I will see if I can use the coconut bread similarly.

I think the baking time needs to be adjusted. Both breads had a nice crust, but the inside was slightly too moist. Or maybe there’s another problem, I can’t really tell.

I prefer the quark based bread – tastier and much more satisfying. I will probably increase the amount of coconut flour in that recipe. On the bright side, they were both edible.


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