I’ve had my 2nd session in the new gym this morning. I was so eager to get there it didn’t matter my brain wouldn’t really function on a Monday morning. There’s something about that place. Although not the best gym for sure, it somehow motivates me to push myself more, to finish all the exercises correctly and increase the weights as much as possible.

The people around also seem more aware of what they should do. I’ve seen good technique and supersets. Ok, I’ve also seen a skinny guy bench pressing and I nearly tripped on his feet because they were hanging midair. I wanted to say something, but I realised he might not appreciate it so I went on.

The best part of the day has to be the 2m tall massive black guy doing 180 kg squats and screaming like hell. I missed that. Watching awesome people train is always inspirational. He tried 190kg as well, but I didn’t see it. I was on my final set of Tabata front squats. I could hear it, though, and by the sound of it things weren’t going well. I was tempted to drop my bar and shout at him or something. However, I was afraid spontaneous cheering might not have the desired outcome so I continued my exercise.

I’m really destroyed now. I had to cycle into town and I left my bike at a shop for minor repairs. Walking back home wasn’t nice at all. I have to pick it up this evening too. Hmm…


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