Anger management

Today I wanted to shout at somebody in the gym. Anybody. Actually, I wanted to shout at the person who stole my barbell after my first set but I couldn’t identify him in the crowd. I’m getting used to the gym and more and more it feels like mine. So I want MY stuff to be exactly where I leave them. Especially when it’s so difficult to find anything in that mess. And since my program is full of supersets I usually spend about 5 min between exercises looking for all the space and stuff I need. It’s really annoying to stop and look for them again once I get things going and I finish the first set. But if you turn around in that gym for 5s, the weight is gone for sure.

So, I did my first set of front squats and went on to planks and dumbbell rows. When I got back I realised my bar had disappeared. I sat on the box helplessly trying to calm down. Then I realised there was a loaded bar on the floor that nobody was using. Why couldn’t they take THAT bar?? I asked around, nobody claimed it, so I unloaded it chucking weights around and making a lot of noise.

At the end of my squats and deadlifts I put all the plates away, but there was no designated space for the bars so I left it on the floor. I took my stuff and as I was walking out of the room a guy picked up the bar, stopped and asked me if I still needed it. I said no and thanked him for asking. Chucking weights and being angry sometimes pays off. 😀


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