Hang me up to dry

I looked at my sheet today. And decided I don’t want to train. Split squats and inverted rows. Many of them, brrr! Then I looked at the sheet again and realised if I’m not going now, I will never go ever ever again. So I packed my stuff and dragged my lazy arse to the gym.

The weight room was full. I’ve never seen it that bad. And the smell…standing there was a challenge itself. It took 2 min to walk from one end of the room to the other. All the barbells were taken. My squat box was dismantled in 3 pieces, I could only retrieve 2. I did 2 sets of hang snatch and realised there’s no way I could get a decent workout.

Cardio day it is, then. But I can’t just cycle on a bike for hours like sensible people do. I fiddled with the settings of my bike for a while, set the time and started the first Tabata session, then realised I forgot to stop after 20s and I have no idea how long it has been. I had to time myself with an app. I swear, every time I look around people are resting in the gym. Why are they resting? To be honest, I did rest too – 4 min between sets. But I was sitting on the floor looking nearly dead. That’s acceptable!

At the end of my workout the radio was playing Cold War Kids. The song made me giggle a bit.


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