Rehab is painful

I couldn’t move on Friday so I skipped that training session. I couldn’t move on Saturday either. I barely recovered by the time guests fled our house on Saturday evening. They had troubles sharing my enthusiasm whenever I sat on a chair or used the stairs, but I was genuinely happy I can move again. I’m glad I was feeling better when they arrived because one of them still wanted to train with me and I didn’t scare him yet. I’m beginning to think it will never happen, though; he’s quite busy and not very motivated and I’ve stopped encouraging him.

This morning I was confident my training session would go well. Unfortunately, I was seriously underestimating the extent of muscle damage I caused last week. I was eager to try the front squats, but soon realised I cannot finish the sets keeping a proper form so I did fewer reps.

There was no trap bar in the gym so I decided to do conventional deadlift. Funny thing, I started my warmup with a 40 kg sumo deadlift. I guess it’s a reflex. It took me a while to figure out what I was doing. The first set of conventional deadlifts I did 8 reps x 50kg. I was pleased, it was difficult but not impossible. Then I wanted to cry. This used to be my warmup weight, the same happened with the squats.

I skipped the YTWL holds because all the benches were taken and finished with a dumbbell complex. At that point I noticed people were staring at me. I am strange in the gym, I admit…all those funny exercises, the stretches, the jumping around, the tiny weights. But then again, who isn’t? I’ve seen a guy with delts larger than his thighs, so I’m not the only freak around there.

I hope I’ll get back into shape soon. I miss my 70 kg deadlift and 65 kg squat.


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