Home is where the gym is

It’s been two months since I moved to a new place and I stopped training with our awesome CDPLC. It’s been so long that I almost began fantasising about weightlifting. Since I couldn’t convince anybody to join me, I’ve decided to go training on my own. After all, I wouldn’t have to teach anybody anything whilst struggling to get myself back into shape.

Speaking of getting back into shape – I am in tremendous pain right now.

I’ve been looking for gyms in December, but gave up thinking that I’d leave for holidays anyway. A couple of days ago I’ve began my quest once more and decided to check two gyms before making a decision. Ironically, on the same day, the guy that still had doubts whether he should train with me or not sent me some vouchers for another gym.

So yesterday I signed up for an induction and I did my first session. The gym has everything I need (except some bands, but that’s understandable). However, everything is cluttered in a corner of the fitness room while the rest of the hall is filled with unnecessary machines that ruin your spine. Big guys walk around stumbling on dumbbells and there’s no space for power cleans. I kicked somebody while doing single leg RDLs. It can sometimes take up to ¬†5 min to find the right weight for your exercise, but most of the time you decide to pick whatever is rolling towards you on the floor. Also, I’m pretty sure there’s an odd number of collars.

I’ve spent the first half hour asking people whether they’ve seen the missing collar or the 10 kg dumbbells, or even the squat box. Some guy was so nice that he started to look for it and I told him I saw one upstairs but I wasn’t sure I was allowed to take it. For a second there I was worried he would bring it, then I realised I’m not that pretty. Yet.

Actually, I’ll never be pretty in the gym. I’m sure yesterday I looked like a drunk baby trying to keep my balance and lifting really tiny weights. My face was all red and sweaty and it looked like I was struggling a lot while the other guys would carelessly squat 100 kg or do biceps curls with – God knows! – 30 or 40 kg.

There wasn’t enough space to do dumbbell press+split squats so I did the squats with dumbbells as well. Otherwise, somebody would’ve stolen my bench. Actually, somebody did steal my bench while I was looking for the 10 kg dumbbells. Therefore, I took somebody else’s bench! I had to lower the numbers on my sheet, so instead of 7.5 – 10 – 12.5 kg I chose 6 – 8 – 10 kg. Yes, this is how much I have fallen.

The power cleans were surprisingly easy, but last time I’ve trained I was struggling with 27.5 kg and this time I had only 22.5 kg on my sheet.

The Tabata front squat didn’t go very well. I used to be able to do 7-9 reps in a set. Now I had sets with 4 reps towards the end of the session and the maximum was 7 if I recall it well.

I’m planning to check another gym before deciding on a membership. I still have the vouchers so I’ll be training in the same place for now. ¬†Should be fun!