Confession time

There’s no secret, lately I’ve been mostly out of the gym, skipping sessions and doing girly things like piping cupcakes for other girls’ crushes, wearing make-up and, God forbid, knitting scarves. I began to feel weak and jiggly but ignored the symptoms.

Then one day John posted a photo from the gym on Facebook. Some guy had piled up ego plates (those enormous super-light plates made of plastic which are only good for beginners or, occasionally, as bum support for tiny people like me). So, I was looking at that photo and nearly shed a tear. I missed the gym, I missed training, I missed the fun. Before that I was convinced I got lazy and it was the end of it, but at that point it became clear I was seriously addicted. I went to the gym the next morning.

Sadly, the break took its toll. I was supposed to deadlift 75 kg on that session. Instead, I could barely move 70 kg. After the exercise I sat down and nearly cried. Everything seemed to be falling apart around me and I had managed to ruin good months of training and dieting. I finished the endurance set, 100 inclined push ups that day, and left the gym feeling defeated.

But training is miraculous. All day my muscles were tensed and burning, blood rushing through my veins. I almost forgot how empowering that feels, how building up strength makes you more alert.

For now, I’m still in that transition period, slowly recovering after workouts. I was quite happy with today’s training. I didn’t have the new program, so I chose my own weights, knowing I shouldn’t fail and it shouldn’t be easy either. Matt watched us and he was pleased with the results. I was impressed by how quickly he spotted a mistake in my split squats and his simple advice helped me correct the problem immediately. He told me to keep the weight on my heel and, once I focused on that, my stability improved dramatically.

So, there’s really no way out of weight club. 🙂



You know you have a good friend when you drag them to the gym after an early-morning fire drill and they nearly puke because of a Tabata session, but they still have omelette with you afterwards.

Not many highlights this week, except the 55 kg front squat and the 15 kg plate that nearly landed on my foot.