Today I’m so and so. I have a little bit of pain from yesterday’s training, but just about the right amount. I was expecting more, especially since the 50 kg front squat seemed rather heavy and the 60 kg trap bar deadlift was fine for 4-5 reps, but not for 8.

Last evening I was feeling brave, I wanted to do Tabata cycling this morning. The day isn’t over, but I doubt it will happen. I gave up all my plans just to sip tea and keep it all together. I’ve changed my diet and my body doesn’t like it. Or better said, I’m on my diet again. I’m back to protein shakes for breakfast and peanut butter chocolate flavoured drinks before bedtime. I like it, but my body doesn’t keep up. My life has been a crazy mess lately and I can see a slight decrease in my strength and a serious increase of my fat content. Shameful, I know. Also, my immune system is weak and germs think I’m their friend or something.

I want to train more, but, at the moment, my only exercise involves holding on to my breakfast.

This will get better soon, I know it will.


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