Eager to train

It’s autumn again, which means it’s mostly dark and your fingers freeze every morning while you’re cycling to the gym, I’m getting a cold and the freshers are eager to train in our shed. We’ve been through this madness before – e-mails, complaints, threats, early morning races to the gym – and we survived all of them.

We’ve been getting some really annoying emails this weekend so, in spite of my cold and the poor sleep I had last night, I was the first to arrive and camp outside the gym this morning. Yes, I’m THAT annoyed!! Today we were lucky, everybody that wanted to train was allowed to go into the powerlifting room.

I’ve stupidly hurt my shin again. The box was the right size, I even dropped the dumbbell. I  jumped a few times, then BANG!! I think that bone is cursed. It’s always painful and it’s got all sort of bumps. If it’s not the gym, then my bike pedals make sure it would never heal. I bled a bit, although I was wearing long sweatpants and my legs were covered and protected – or so I thought. I also hit the wound with a bar during deadlifts. The bruise is conveniently located at the height of a loaded bar resting on the floor. The weight bounced back and I started swearing again. The guys training with us in the gym must’ve thought I was very classy.

I’m happy about one thing, though. I’m eager to train again. I don’t mind the difficult exercises, the pain, the struggle. I’m back!

For now, 37.1 ˚C and still counting…


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