I woke up this morning with a cramp instead of an alarm clock. I forgot to set the alarm. So I was happily stretching in bed when the worst of pains pierced through my right calf. I almost screamed. Instead I decided to ignore it, there wasn’t much I could do besides waiting. I checked the time – 7:20. In 10 min I was supposed to be in the gym. So I rolled out of bed and, half asleep, got my gym kit. I rushed to the bathroom to throw some water on my face, then I realised I probably should wear  a T-shirt too.

I knew my struggle was pointless. I was late and the powerlifting room was already overbooked. New term just began so people are very very keen. We’re having all sorts of problems with arrogant undergrads. Luckily, Jake is a diplomat. I would like to see Anna bashing them for squatting less than her, though.

In any case, I knew I had to get to the gym. The pain from the previous session is killing me. Think RoboCop that shat his pants. I can’t walk properly. I’m just trying to break my fall. Every time I’m supposed to bend my knees. Even a little bit. I don’t climb the stairs. I slightly jump at every step. This is a whole new level. I’m walking around massaging my hamstrings. It’s getting ridiculous.

This pain will go away soon, I know it. One or two more sessions and everything will be back to normal. There’s another thing I worry about, though. I feel like I’ve lost my drive. Before this break I was very eager – more weight, more reps, more training!! Yeah!! Now I look at the trap bar and think “No, I don’t want to do this! Can I go home now?” I’m hoping that once I get back into shape I’ll also have more energy and feel a lot more motivated.

Anyway, I ended up doing split squat jumps in the fitness room. Then the overzealous guys left and I moved to the powerlifting room. I was very slow today, tired and achy all over the place. I’m still enjoying the front squats, even thought they’re becoming quite heavy. 45 kg – 10 reps. I have no clue what my max for squats is. The trap bar deadlift is still heavy and annoying. I’m losing my patience there. Unfortunately, it was too late for the barbell complex, but considering I’m a wreck, maybe it’s better I didn’t do it.

Next week should be better. It must. I’m thinking about a Tabata session on the bike. Mmmm… Maybe I’ll convince my neighbour to try it.

Foam rolling for now. 😀


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