Today I’m so and so. I have a little bit of pain from yesterday’s training, but just about the right amount. I was expecting more, especially since the 50 kg front squat seemed rather heavy and the 60 kg trap bar deadlift was fine for 4-5 reps, but not for 8.

Last evening I was feeling brave, I wanted to do Tabata cycling this morning. The day isn’t over, but I doubt it will happen. I gave up all my plans just to sip tea and keep it all together. I’ve changed my diet and my body doesn’t like it. Or better said, I’m on my diet again. I’m back to protein shakes for breakfast and peanut butter chocolate flavoured drinks before bedtime. I like it, but my body doesn’t keep up. My life has been a crazy mess lately and I can see a slight decrease in my strength and a serious increase of my fat content. Shameful, I know. Also, my immune system is weak and germs think I’m their friend or something.

I want to train more, but, at the moment, my only exercise involves holding on to my breakfast.

This will get better soon, I know it will.


Eager to train

It’s autumn again, which means it’s mostly dark and your fingers freeze every morning while you’re cycling to the gym, I’m getting a cold and the freshers are eager to train in our shed. We’ve been through this madness before – e-mails, complaints, threats, early morning races to the gym – and we survived all of them.

We’ve been getting some really annoying emails this weekend so, in spite of my cold and the poor sleep I had last night, I was the first to arrive and camp outside the gym this morning. Yes, I’m THAT annoyed!! Today we were lucky, everybody that wanted to train was allowed to go into the powerlifting room.

I’ve stupidly hurt my shin again. The box was the right size, I even dropped the dumbbell. I  jumped a few times, then BANG!! I think that bone is cursed. It’s always painful and it’s got all sort of bumps. If it’s not the gym, then my bike pedals make sure it would never heal. I bled a bit, although I was wearing long sweatpants and my legs were covered and protected – or so I thought. I also hit the wound with a bar during deadlifts. The bruise is conveniently located at the height of a loaded bar resting on the floor. The weight bounced back and I started swearing again. The guys training with us in the gym must’ve thought I was very classy.

I’m happy about one thing, though. I’m eager to train again. I don’t mind the difficult exercises, the pain, the struggle. I’m back!

For now, 37.1 ˚C and still counting…


I woke up this morning with a cramp instead of an alarm clock. I forgot to set the alarm. So I was happily stretching in bed when the worst of pains pierced through my right calf. I almost screamed. Instead I decided to ignore it, there wasn’t much I could do besides waiting. I checked the time – 7:20. In 10 min I was supposed to be in the gym. So I rolled out of bed and, half asleep, got my gym kit. I rushed to the bathroom to throw some water on my face, then I realised I probably should wear  a T-shirt too.

I knew my struggle was pointless. I was late and the powerlifting room was already overbooked. New term just began so people are very very keen. We’re having all sorts of problems with arrogant undergrads. Luckily, Jake is a diplomat. I would like to see Anna bashing them for squatting less than her, though.

In any case, I knew I had to get to the gym. The pain from the previous session is killing me. Think RoboCop that shat his pants. I can’t walk properly. I’m just trying to break my fall. Every time I’m supposed to bend my knees. Even a little bit. I don’t climb the stairs. I slightly jump at every step. This is a whole new level. I’m walking around massaging my hamstrings. It’s getting ridiculous.

This pain will go away soon, I know it. One or two more sessions and everything will be back to normal. There’s another thing I worry about, though. I feel like I’ve lost my drive. Before this break I was very eager – more weight, more reps, more training!! Yeah!! Now I look at the trap bar and think “No, I don’t want to do this! Can I go home now?” I’m hoping that once I get back into shape I’ll also have more energy and feel a lot more motivated.

Anyway, I ended up doing split squat jumps in the fitness room. Then the overzealous guys left and I moved to the powerlifting room. I was very slow today, tired and achy all over the place. I’m still enjoying the front squats, even thought they’re becoming quite heavy. 45 kg – 10 reps. I have no clue what my max for squats is. The trap bar deadlift is still heavy and annoying. I’m losing my patience there. Unfortunately, it was too late for the barbell complex, but considering I’m a wreck, maybe it’s better I didn’t do it.

Next week should be better. It must. I’m thinking about a Tabata session on the bike. Mmmm… Maybe I’ll convince my neighbour to try it.

Foam rolling for now. 😀

Training again!!

I was staring at my alarm clock this morning and I knew I was perfectly awake and I couldn’t get back to sleep, but somehow I began wondering how on earth I managed to convince myself to get out of bed so early three times a week for the past half year. Ok, I didn’t always manage, but most of the times I was quite eager to go training, even after 3 or 4 hours of sleep. Today I couldn’t remember what motivated me every day.

Halfway through the practice it all started to make sense again. For sure there’s some sort of addiction to our crazy gym sessions. I’m not even going to try to explain it, but training is good!! I missed it and I was worrying I’ll lose all my strength and my muscles will become jiggly again. No worries, they don’t disappear that quickly!

Starting this week I’m officially on diet. Funny diet, I have some cake planned at a certain point, but I’m not going to stress over it. The goal is to shed some fat this month, since I have a little bit of time for myself and I can cook my meals carefully. I’ll let you know how this works out. 😉


Vegetarian neighbour admired my signature eggs&bacon breakfast. She said it looks like a great way to start the day. I think she was even tempted, but I didn’t insist.

Yes, I’m alive. Actually slept last night. In bed. Ok, part of the night.

Yes, I miss training.

Yes, it will be over. Soon. Hopefully.