Heavy week

It’s been a while since I whined about weights here. Meanwhile I was travelling, then endured holiday pain and now I’m properly catching up on training. This week is going to kill me, though.

Things haven’t changed much. I still struggle with bench press, hang like a monkey instead of doing pull-ups and have some funny attempts of inverted rows.

However, a set of 5 reps split squats is a piece of cake. And even 8 reps seems slightly more human. I will regret saying that on Friday.

On Monday I was supposed to do conventional deadlift with bands, but since the black band has disappeared from the cupboard, I increased the weight to 70kg. Also, I should mention that the warm-up was 50 kg, which is precisely what Krish told me to aim for a long long time ago, back in the days when a 40 kg deadlift was the happiest achievement.

Hmm, front squats – 55 kg, 5 reps. Not bad.

Side planks with 10 kg dumbbell – tiresome, but not that dangerous anymore.

Today’s trap bar-65 kg. Last week I had to lift 60 kg (8 reps) because we were taking turns and it was easier to swap weights. 5 reps today seemed difficult, I couldn’t believe it!

By the end of it I was so tired, I couldn’t even tdo the pushups properly. And then I had  the barbell complex. Which was a mess. I kinda completed 4 sets, but on some of them I couldn’t finish the overhead press. I did 5 reps instead of 10. Shameful! Also, I’m beginning to believe that it’s not just the grip that makes a difference. This time I used a 15 kg bar, a bit more rigid, but still with a comfortable grip. It’s only been a disaster because I was tired.

My sheet says 75 kg sumo deadlift for next time. I’m worried that I won’t be able to arch my back properly.

I’m so hungry right now…


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