Day no 2

When I woke up this morning… you, my dear training, were on my miiiiiind…

Actually, my phone woke me up this morning. And I had a long debate with myself whether I should go training or not. In fact, I always have a long debate whether I should go training or not, but this time it was very serious. Then I remembered it’s my favourite day of the training week. Yes, it’s the least painful and most rewarding. Although it did almost make me cry the last time. So, my better half won and I got out of bed. Then my scale confirmed I made the right choice. Then I realised it was horribly late.

I’ve started with split squat jumps. I could hardly call that a jump, but hey, I really tried.

50 kg front squat – 10 reps, however I was losing my form towards the end. I got a bit distracted, but I’m glad I did more than expected. I would’ve been happy with 8.

12×12.5 kg dumbbell rows – this is getting very very difficult.

Trap bar – 55 kg, 8 reps!!! Weird, tough, slightly boring. I don’t like many reps on whole body exercises.

Everybody finished by 9, so I decided not to do the barbell complex. Such a pity, I know, but maybe it’s for the best. I have a 13 hr flight tomorrow. The thought of holiday pain is already torturing me.

I told Christabel to arch her back today. I was so shy she could barely hear me. I had to repeat, twice. She had a 15 kg dumbbell and I was barely holding a side plank with 7.5kg. I felt vulnerable.

It was unbearably hot and everybody was tired and drenched in sweat. I timed John and completely messed up his Tabata.



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