I feel like they’ve been hiding something from me

I was browsing one of my favourite food blogs with plenty of caution because it talks about mexican food, doughnuts, pancakes, brownies, bread puddings and other stuff that make you happy and fluffy when I suddenly came across a post about low-carb burgers.

All these years! All these years!! Seriously, people, why did I find out so late about it? And why so many people still have no clue? My dad thinks I’m the “victim” of a “theory”, that all the ideas about nutrition are wild guesses. Low-carb diets have been documented for decades and nutritionists still count calories and feed grains to fat people. And those who do know what to eat prefer to ignore it completely. Sometimes I feel there’s too much pressure from the entire society to consume carbs. Starting from Granny’s pies that you ate in your childhood and ending with the amount of commercials that invade our lives, it’s all about stuffing our face with sugary foods. I wish I could have a choice regarding my brother’s school menu. I wish I could tell dad he needs more strength when walking by the ice-cream van. I wish I would have more strength to let go of all these bad habits.


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