Holiday pain

I’m not sure what made me think that a weekend practicing with mom and one v-burn challenge session with my brother would prepare me for this week.

I can’t walk normally. And it feels like I will never be able to. Ever again. Getting back from a holiday reminds me of the beginning of weight club.

My upper body is almost useless. After 100 pushups on the previous session, it’s all drained.

The first day of the training week is now officially the worst. I think we all agreed, in between cursing and arguing on boxes and inverted rows. Yes, we had a little moment of panic, but Daniel fixed with “Fuck this! We’ll do pushups!”

I’ve started with power cleans, rather heavy ones, but not impossible. Ok, I could only do sets of 4 instead of 5, but let’s blame it on the fact that I was very tired and in so much pain.

Then, bench press (really heavy) + split squats (also really heavy). This was the worst bit. I failed, I couldn’t finish the reps, I couldn’t even lift the last weight. I don’t get it. Am I that tired? I can definitely tell I’ve been improving my upper body strength. I can do a few pushups as opposed to none. I can’t do any pull-ups yet, but I’m a stronger monkey when I try them. The power cleans and snatches have gone up. Bench press – fail! Still pushing, keep pushing! šŸ˜‰

I was supposed to do deadlift with bands, but we couldn’t find a band. All these exercises took me ages because I need some warm-up sets. In the end I gave up on the last set and started the front squat Tabata. Surprisingly, this went better than expected. I’ve started with 10-11 reps per set, dropped to 7-8 in the second half and ended with 9 reps. As I was about to give up, Daniel said we have only two more sets. That’s when I knew I’ll be able to finish the exercise.

It’s getting difficult to type…


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