Eggs and bacon – how much one can have

No matter what, I always end up talking about eggs and bacon. While I was visiting my parents I realised I’ve developed very specific eating habits. Before I thought I’m just being lazy and eating similar food all the time. The moment I was forced to change my diet I suddenly realised I need those items on my plate. For instance, I can’t live without tomatoes. I have to have them at almost every meal! I don’t feel full, I feel like something is missing if I don’t eat one. Luckily, there were plenty of tasty tomatoes in my grandparents’ garden, so I didn’t suffer.

But let me tell you how my trip there revolved around eggs and bacon. Before leaving I made sure nothing from the fridge is wasted. I was supposed to catch a bus at 3 am. Around midnight I had a massive omelette  – 2 eggs and extra whites, tomatoes, peppers, cheese, salami. The following morning I was walking like a zombie around Terminal 4 when I spotted this menu:

Yes, somebody thought about taking advantage of the low-carb trend. And I couldn’t help but support them. Unfortunately, it was too early and they only served breakfast. The menu was mostly filled with variations of eggs&bacon. I went for the plain version, which arrived on top of two nice slices of toast – real bread, not the square squishy one. No worries, I didn’t eat the bread, but I appreciated its quality. If you’re interested, this is the place:

And it looks quite nice.

Yes, it was that early.

Guess what I had for breakfast on the plane, a couple of hours later!

Not bad, for plane food! It was actually very tasty.

Yesterday, as you might have noticed, I got back to proper training. I do walk kinda funny today. I refuse to think about tomorrow. In the evening I got really hungry and I realised…  this is the most filling and satisfying meal and all ingredients must be there:

OK, that’s only half of the serving. 😀

I hope you’re eating something healthy and tasty today!


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