How mom spent her 50th anniversary

Lately I stopped giving any details about my mom’s situation. We were quite excited about the V-diet, but ordering the stuff turned out to be an expensive pain so we gave up. However, I did convince her to begin a low carb diet and she lost about 5 kg already.

Yesterday morning I hugged her and kissed her, said “Happy birthday!” and made a protein shake for breakfast. Chocolate smooth. She deemed it as being “not gross”.

Then I went shopping for her present:

10 kg dumbbells should be more than enough for now. They’re not great, they only have 1 and 2 kg plates, so no fine tuning here, but I don’t think it matters that much at this stage.

I was planning to keep an eye on her menu throughout the entire day, but she had to rush to the hospital and see grandpa, so the afternoon shake was skipped. She had dinner at a friend’s house and ate their steak and tomato salad (I’m so proud), then we had the first training session.

I freaked out a bit even during the warmup. The lunges looked difficult, but she adjusted her form quite rapidly. By the end of it we were both tired. Then this followed:

Goblet Squats
Conventional Deadlift with Dumbbells
Bent-Over Row with Dumbbells
Plank Hold
Side Plank Hold

She has to repeat each exercise 5 times and complete 5 sets of all exercises.

The pushups were a mess, I’m not surprised. However, I’m worried about the side planks. She has some problems with one shoulder, but holding the plank on any side became almost impossible by the end of the session. I didn’t force her, but I’m not giving up on the exercises.

People kept calling to congratulate her and she was allowed to have short conversations. Someone asked if I made any cake for her. We had a  good laugh about it.

Little brother got very interested in our training and was disturbing the session, so I kept him busy with some pushups. He complained about it, said it’s torture, but was still eager to train and I decided to teach him bird-dogs. Epic fart!! We decided to stop at that point.

I was called a ‘hag’ for forcing them to finish the exercises. I must admit, a certain sick pleasure derived from that. I somehow understand why Matt smiled more as we complained and cursed more during training and why he never looked too upset, in spite of the horrible things I’ve said to him.

We ended the session with a protein shake with hazelnut paste.

This morning mom confirmed she can feel all her muscles. I’m sure it’s not the sort of pain we’ve experienced when we started, but I’m pleased with this outcome.

My brother was still very interested so I did the V-burn challenge for beginners with him. He had problems with pushups and hand walkouts but in spite of the poor form he had the right attitude. He pushed himself to the limit and struggled until he learnt the correct movements. By the end of the session he was shouting at me.

I promised some pizza for lunch. 😉


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