Weak leg is weak…

It’s incredible how much difference there is between the left and the right side of my body. I was aware of it, but I can almost quantify it now. Split squats, dumbbell rows, snatches make the left part struggle while the right leg and arm are quite comfortable with the same weight. The muscles are visibly larger on one side and I’m almost sure there’s also more fat stored. It’s ridiculous if I think of it.

For a while I thought that whole body exercises will help me even this difference. I soon began to realise that no matter what exercise, I involuntarily use the stronger muscles more. They function better, they can sustain more weight. On some exercises, such as pull ups, I have to focus on the weak muscles to activate them properly. When I started doing pull ups I always ended up with a terrible pain in my right shoulder. I wasn’t aware of the problem until Matt pointed it out. I wasn’t using my left shoulder almost at all.

Splits squats today, quite heavy (30 kg), but only 8 reps per set. Piece of cake, only 2/3 of a real set. 😉 I did a light warm up which helped. Weak leg couldn’t balance very well, so I took off my shoes. Weak leg still couldn’t balance very well.

72.5 kg sumo deadlift. Boom!


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