Tabata survivor

Every morning I ask myself and the guys in the gym why we are doing this. Seriously, we train almost every day now. We’re part of the gym setting. I’m sure people are surprised when they arrive in the morning and we’re not there.

I find it difficult to force myself to max effort on all reps during a Tabata cycle. I wonder why… Still, I try to keep it over 120 rpm and today I reached 130-150 several times. I think there’s definitely some improvement there.

I’m practicing one legged pistol squats now.

I think we’ll have them in our next schedule. It really hurts after interval training, but it seems to be more fun than the split squats. In fairness, I don’t think I’d be able to do pistol squats if it weren’t for the gruesome split squat sessions.

I want bacon.


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