Tabata fail! :(

Yesterday I didn’t imagine that today’s post will have such a title. This morning I didn’t imagine it either. 2 minutes into the exercise, I was convinced I could do it. I kept the pace (about 9-10 front squats/20 s) up until the last minute. And then my body and will collapsed. I couldn’t keep my elbows high, my left arm was not responding at all. The barbell was slowly, but surely, sliding off my sweaty shoulders. I did about 4-5 reps and racked the bar even before I was allowed to. Then I thought there’s only one more set and things should get better, but I was so miserably wrong. All the problems were still there and even worse. I think I did one rep. 😦

I’ve learned some things, though, and acknowledging these will, hopefully, improve my performance on the next attempt. First of all, I never realised how long it takes me to set everything into place – I mean bar on my shoulders, feet aligned next to the box, etc. In this exercise you have to be super fast and precise. And I’m not, so the load wasn’t resting properly on my arms and I almost dropped it by the end. Also, I usually improvise a box (small box+light plate) which is normally fine, given that I can adjust it after each set. There’s no time for that in Tabata! There’s barely any time to breathe. I’ll use a different box next time, this was very annoying.

Other things worth mentioning:

  • I’m still alive
  • 30 kg bench press is still heavy
  • 35 kg bench press is even worse, but not impossible anymore πŸ˜‰
  • deadlifts with bands are still great, especially after 2 warm-ups
  • apparently I walk like a cowboy…

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