Good morning!

No, not the exercise! Just… a gloomy morning and a little something to make it better.

If you’re bored one evening, whip 150 ml double cream and chop about 100 g of strawberries. Add a splash of vanilla and some Splenda. The plan was to sweeten it with pineapple juice, but I completely forgot to buy any. I’m not particularly fond of the Splenda flavour.

Myfitnesspal says the whole lot has about 10 g  of carbs. Just for comparison, 100 g of Ben&Jerry’s has 24 g (so 4-5 times more?).


  • Without an ice cream maker the process gets very tricky. I simply left it in the freezer and stirred from time to time until I fell asleep. This morning it was a solid block of ice so I used the mixer to render its creaminess.
  • It melts super fast.
  • You’ll want to make some soon. Very soon. Rum and raisins perhaps?

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