More than necessary

I didn’t get the chance to tell you about yesterday’s training. This is probably a good thing, because it means I didn’t feel the urge to whine here while drinking my recovery shake. The reason is quite simple – most of the exercises were whole body and involved large muscles. The sheet was mostly squats and deadlifts,  there was very little upper-body-frustration.

If you ever read my titles, then I can’t stress this enough: by all means, I’m not trying to say I am training more than necessary. However, I did load the bar too much yesterday. Oxygen-deprived and confused, I looked at the sheet for next week which suggested 3 sets of 5 reps with 62.5 kg for Romanian deadlifts. Instead I was supposed to have 10 kg less and 8 reps on each set. I figured out the mistake after the first set. To be honest, I preferred more weight and less reps, while I’d rather have less weight and more reps on the upper body exercises.

I set the weight for the barbell complex at 19 kg. This was just about right – extremely tiresome, but not impossible. I told you about the previous disasters with 20 kg. The next step is to load the light bar (10 kg) until I reach 20 kg or beyond. For some reason this combination seems easier to handle. Perhaps it’s the way the weight is distributed or maybe the bar is more elastic. Either way, this might be a good transition to the olympic bar.

I haven’t posted about food lately. I have something in the freezer right now that might end up here if things go well. 😉


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