This is getting tough

Today I started with 27.5 kg power cleans. Considering that I feel comfortable with 20 kg and I could barely lift 25 kg properly, you can imagine it wasn’t pretty.

Then I was super-happy because I was supposed to do deadlifts with bands. I felt very confident and after a few reps without the bands, I jumped right into the working set. That was a huge mistake! Locking became nearly impossible and I struggled to finish the workout. The last time I tried these I’ve started with 30 kg and slowly worked my way up to 50 kg. It felt like a piece of cake!

However, the most notable was the bench press – ab wheel – split squat combo. I can imagine Matt writing our sheets and thinking “How can I make this worse??” Our previous training programs were designed to have a main workout+one or two accessory movements. Today it was difficult from start to finish. I failed on the bench press, but not as bad as I thought I would. Then I lied flat on the floor a few times trying to increase the range on the ab wheel rollout. Top that with the most difficult exercise known to us, carrying the largest weight I’ve ever tried and you have a recipe for disaster. Actually, it wasn’t that disastrous because the split squat sets had only 5 reps. The first set was nearly impossible, but by the third one I was feeling quite comfortable.

It seems rather obvious that I should focus more on the warm up sets. Unfortunately, it would take me ages to complete all the exercises if I add more sets.

I think I need more protein.


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