Deadlift vs pushup

I keep hearing this lately: “Wow, you want to deadlift 100 kg?? And you can’t do a pushup?”

Yes, people, it’s different muscles! And my upper body has no strength, but I’m working on it. I’m still far from the truth when it comes to pushups/pullups.

To be honest, after 4 sets, each 8 reps, of sumo deadlift this morning… I’m not sure I’m close to the 100 kg deadlift either. And I’m talking about 1 rep max. It’s going to take a while until I load the bar with 100 kg on a regular basis.

Apparently I should be able to deadlift 88 kg at the moment. Looks promising. I keep these numbers in mind because I refuse to think of my other exercises. Upper body weights haven’t progressed at all, in spite of all my efforts. The fact that my arms got bigger doesn’t seem to help. 😦

But then again, a year ago I knew nothing about free weights and couldn’t deadlift 20 kg properly. I’ve just renewed my gym membership and it got me thinking. Maybe in a year or so we’ll have a completely different chat about upper body strength.

[Later edit] The guys challenged me to do a pushup in the office. Apparently I can do a proper one. One single pushup. It was difficult. I might need a whole week to do 75 of them. 😀


2 thoughts on “Deadlift vs pushup

  1. Hi, I googled something like “can do deadlifts but can’t do pushups” because I have the same problem. I started training 6 months ago and my deadlift is at 90kg (1×5) and I still can’t do one pushup. It has to do with my weak, inflexible wrists, so perhaps you also have some flexibility issues that prevent you from doing pushups? If you deadlift ~100kgs regularly, you should definitely have the strength for pushups.

    • Hey, thanks for commenting. 90 kg after 6 months sounds impressive for me, I’m still quite far from that. You might be right about flexibility issues, but I made some progress since I wrote this post and I’m sure it’s mostly a matter of upper-body strength and core stability.

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