Tabata survivors

Peer pressure brought us all back to the gym this morning. 4th time this week, we’re getting really keen!

But it wasn’t for weights…nooooo, that would’ve been too easy!!

We cycled! 😀

But it had to be extreme, we’re not used to simple stuff.

Well, Tabata training it is, then!

The goal was to keep cycling at over 120 rpm. I managed to achieve about 140 rpm only at the beginning of each set (the 1st minute or so). After that, it was only a struggle to reach 120. I distinctly remember staring at the monitor – 109 rpm – and cycling faster and faster and faaaster!!! However, the machine seemed stuck, the number wouldn’t change and it felt like forever. Oh, I’ve never realised how long 2 seconds are…

I kept watching the timer and I knew when I was supposed to stop, but I’m pretty sure that if Matt hadn’t told me to, I would’ve continued cycling chaotically. My brain acknowledged that 20 s have passed, but it wouldn’t tell my muscles to slow down until it would hear the magic word “STOP!”. Next, 7 s would fly like nothing – I swear I pedalled once or twice during that – and the countdown would begin… This was like a bad dream. Or a feverish nightmare.

After the second set I sat down, had some water and only then I was able to fill my lungs with air. I couldn’t control the noises I was making. I just sat there panting and hissing.

You are supposed to “cool down” after interval training. I did cycle a bit, but the main goal was to keep my breakfast inside of me.  And to get rid of the pain in my stomach. Imagine appendicitis pain, but located elsewhere. I couldn’t even breathe or move properly.

Meanwhile a friend of mine was happily sweating on an elliptical machine. I don’t know why people use that. It’s not very effective. I do have some respect for them, stemming from my inability to use the machine. I feel like puking after 5 min, no matter how easy the exercise is. And there’s no car/sea sickness involved here. It’s just elliptical machine sickness.

I didn’t want to eat after training, but we ended up in Avalanche anyway. The guys had a proper English breakfast and I ordered a chicken avocado salad. I needed something light.

I feel a numb pain now, very different from weight training. I’m very curious what will happen tomorrow. Or better yet, on Monday.


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