A bit of adventure

I do feel that today’s morning needs to remain in the history of this blog. I was supposed to pick up about 10 kg of protein, 6 kg of egg whites (crazy, I know), a small bag of walnuts (400 g) and some Thermopure pills. And I was stubborn enough to cycle with all that.

I’ve stuffed the protein in my backpack – no easy task, I can assure you – and put the rest of the things on my bike rack. I didn’t have anything to secure it with, so I relied mostly on luck. As I was leaving I let another cyclist pass and while I was cursing and swearing I’ve began to pedal slowly to my destination. The guy stopped and stared at me, but I didn’t care much at the time.

I was nearly home when he showed up again so I tried to leave him as much space as possible since the extra 17 kg were quite a burden and i was pedalling slowly. Right after he passed me … it happened. I heard a snap, a slide, a crash. All my egg whites bottles were in a pile on the cobbled stone. The wrap was completely damaged so there was no way those were getting back on the bike. He was kind enough to stop and ask me if I needed help. He said that he was impressed, and I pointed out I’m also impressed that I got so far. As a result, all the bottles have now a layer of white foam. Anyway, I swapped one of the protein bags in my backpack with all the bottles and rode carefully for the rest of the journey.

Unfortunately, the bag got punctured and I probably left a small trail of chocolate protein behind me. Also, my bike was covered in powder and although it wasn’t raining, it simply stuck to everything. My waterproof jacket and my backpack are covered with the same stuff, but that was just from handling all the packages. The next rain is going to be interesting.

I should mention that after this I had to return a dress and I ended up shopping for food here and there. Once I got home I realised I had forgotten my bike somewhere…in town…


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