Buying jeans – Mission Impossible!!!

I love watching my body reshape itself. It’s changing its shape, its structure, its mechanics. I walk differently, the muscles are pulling my bones in a slightly different way. I can keep a correct posture, I can carry my groceries without feeling that my forearms will be torn.

However, this is an ongoing process and at the moment my body is just weird – somewhat slimmer, somewhat still very fatty. Nature is tricky. You don’t lose fat uniformly. I’ve started with my upper body and belly. Basically, during the diet I’ve lost no fat from my legs while I built up some serious (?!) muscles. Today I did my v-challenge (26 min – woohoo!!) and realised that my legs are probably the strongest bit of my body. Which means that my legs are actually larger and my waistline was trimmed down a bit. This makes shopping for clothes a horrible burden. In spite of all the “curvy” labels, there are no jeans in this place that would suit my waistline and not stop the blood flow in my legs. Getting new jeans in a smaller size is a treat that I really want to enjoy soon. Meanwhile, I still have the old jeans, kinda floating around me. I’d better get back to the gym, I guess…


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