I’m tired (I can hear you whispering “Tell me something new!”). I’m tired and happy because I was in the gym this morning.

I need to push myself more. I lowered the weight on the barbell complex because 20 kg was too much to complete 3 sets. 17.5 proved to be tiresome but oh so simple. Nothing extremely challenging today. In spite of being tired and slow, I didn’t fail. It almost felt like recovery. For the first time, Matt set a small weight on one of my exercises. 40 kg on a front squat and 12 reps on a 5+ set. I’m going to die crushed by a bar when we get the new sheets.

I did feel the need to sit in the shower after today’s training. It’s never easy. (I can hear Matt saying “Of course it isn’t, it’s weight training!”). I think I need some sleep too.


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