How I’ve changed…

Last year I would think twice before having a fried egg for breakfast. Part of the reason was an incident which involved ridiculously delicious eggs and bacon served one Friday evening at 10 pm followed by several weeks of nausea and starving. I don’t know what happened then, what triggered all that, but it took me a long time to recover and the problems reoccurred now and then. I stayed away from fried greasy stuff for a while until my body managed to find its balance again.

Since I’m on the low carb diet I figured I simply cannot eat the way I used to. I’ve experimented a bit with recipes that would resemble bread, cake or chocolate. It’s all useless. I find no point and no pleasure in something that is not quite the real deal. It’s all a big disappointment. So my goal now is to discover other favourite dishes and to seek enjoyment in new healthy culinary habits. Often I find these in the most simple recipes one can think of.

This is how eggs got back on the menu. And they rank really high! I crave them all the time and sometimes I cook them even for dinner, not just breakfast. So far it’s been good. I’m not very fond of bacon yet, but my body seems to deal with it much better.

This is what I had for dinner a few days ago. Simple and delicious.


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