Glutes? What glutes?

Today should go down in history as the day when John was faster than any of us. To be fair, Anna was missing, but maybe that’s better for our overall peace of mind. I can imagine her laughing and saying “This is fun! This is too easy!!!” Also, Jake, who is usually the fastest, had troubles with leg cramps throughout the entire workout. He should definitely get more protein! I managed to catch up on the final exercise because John is not very good at single leg stuff. And lately that’s ALL we’ve been doing!!

But that’s not the problem. You see, we have this tiny section in our schedule called Endurance. And it shouldn’t take more than 5 or 10 min to complete. Yeah, right! We end up nearly dead because of it. Today we did a combo of deadlifts, bent over rows, power cleans, overhead press and front squat – 10 reps each – without resting or putting the bar down. I was assigned the minimum weight – the 20 kg bar – which I find slightly unfair since I normally lift half of what the guys do and they got 27.5 or 30 kg on their sheets. However, I also considered it a challenge. So I did the first set with a minor problem. I couldn’t hold the bar anymore after the overhead press, so I asked Daniel to help me. Once the bar was back on my shoulders i had no problems in finishing the squats. The second set was a mess, though. After 6 reps of overhead press I dropped the bar on my foot. But I wanted to continue and I was so angry I failed, I nearly shouted at John for trying to steal my squat box. Then I realised I can use another one…duh! I tried to finish the overhead press reps but on my first attempt I bruised my nose and decided that was too close to continue. Front squats it is, and let’s call it a day.

Kiddin’, I was only half way through.

And Daniel, I’m sorry I called you John. You have to understand that there wasn’t much oxygen in my brain at that point.

Oh, and I got the pump.

[Later edit:] Sitting at my desk still hurts. I just checked the schedule for the next session. and I want to cry.  Sumo deadlift – 4×5 at 60 kg.

I will soon regret the 20 reps on the front squat that I did today. I was supposed to do at least 8 (a projected max of 16) and I took that as a challenge… Obviously the weight was quite small, which means I get punished the next time.

The previous training program was very balanced, we knew exactly what we are supposed to do, when we could fail, when it would be easy. It gave us a bit of discipline, since we always struggled to finish everything quickly. But the routine was getting slightly boring, I must admit. Now, it’s all an adventure. I start an exercise and have absolutely no clue whether I’ll be able to complete it. Or how. Or if it’s humanly possible.


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