Post new workout

My left leg is shaking as I type this and I can’t stop it. Max reps split squats was excruciating. It was so bad I couldn’t even arch my back properly for the bench press. “Push through your heels?!” Yeah, right… What heels? It’s all jello! 55kg deadlift seemed nearly impossible after that. The single leg squats were a bit of a joke. Let’s pretend I did those correctly, although the box was nearly 2 in higher and I couldn’t lift the dumbbell all the way up. It was more likely a struggle to remain vertical.

The workout was only 15 min longer, but it seemed forever. I vaguely remember one moment when Jake and Daniel were fighting over some weight and I was walking frantically around the room searching for a pen like it was the most important thing on Earth. Also, I nearly died under a 30 kg bar laughing instead of screaming for help. Jake’s complaint about too many single-leg-split exercises made me fail on the last rep of my bench press set.

I’m going to spend the rest of the day on the floor of my shower.


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