Stupid people get back pain

I usually  get lower back pain because of sitting at my desk too much without moving or stretching. After I started weight training this problem had diminished significantly.

Today my back is stiff and achy. But that’s just because of pure stupidity. I got home yesterday thinking that I would take a short afternoon nap and then I’d get back to work. I bought some amazing goat cheese and smoked chicken from the Farmers Market and I was eating happily watching an episode from ‘How I met your mother’ and I thought it would be a nice idea to lie on the floor for 5 min and stretch my sore muscles.  That was around 6 pm. And then everything went blank. I woke up at a certain point, but couldn’t move much. I needed a pillow, I thought about getting one, then passed out again. Eventually, I opened my eyes and realised it was dark and incredibly peaceful outside. My whole body was aching. I got up and checked the time – it was 2 am already. 4 more hours until I was supposed to face a new day. So I went to bed hoping my back would heal until morning. It didn’t. I woke up again at 6 am and – unbelievably – overslept until almost 7. I didn’t realise how ridiculously tired I was. Anyway, I made it to the gym.

The deadlifts were a pain today and I struggled to keep my back arched. Apparently I failed doing so in some of the reps. Catching up on sleep kinda helped though. The jumps weren’t a problem at all. I haven’t increased the height of the box yet.  If I manage to keep up this rhythm  and sleep properly (ok, not 12 hours but, ideally, at least 6) I might be able to add some cm to my jumps soon.

For the rest of the exercises, I just forced myself to finish them in time. It wasn’t easy, I had plenty of moments staring at the sheet thinking “What do I do now? Thing! Read! What am I doing?” In fact, cute-guy asked about waiter carries and oxygen-deprived-monkey-brain couldn’t understand his perfect accent. Luckily, native-speaker clarified the situation. Cute-guy will not speak to monkey ever again.

Now I’m sitting at my desk thinking what I could do to get rid of my back pain. I’m pretty sure not even lying on the perfect mattress would help at this point. I just need to give it time… I hope.


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