Stupid people get back pain

I usually  get lower back pain because of sitting at my desk too much without moving or stretching. After I started weight training this problem had diminished significantly.

Today my back is stiff and achy. But that’s just because of pure stupidity. I got home yesterday thinking that I would take a short afternoon nap and then I’d get back to work. I bought some amazing goat cheese and smoked chicken from the Farmers Market and I was eating happily watching an episode from ‘How I met your mother’ and I thought it would be a nice idea to lie on the floor for 5 min and stretch my sore muscles.  That was around 6 pm. And then everything went blank. I woke up at a certain point, but couldn’t move much. I needed a pillow, I thought about getting one, then passed out again. Eventually, I opened my eyes and realised it was dark and incredibly peaceful outside. My whole body was aching. I got up and checked the time – it was 2 am already. 4 more hours until I was supposed to face a new day. So I went to bed hoping my back would heal until morning. It didn’t. I woke up again at 6 am and – unbelievably – overslept until almost 7. I didn’t realise how ridiculously tired I was. Anyway, I made it to the gym.

The deadlifts were a pain today and I struggled to keep my back arched. Apparently I failed doing so in some of the reps. Catching up on sleep kinda helped though. The jumps weren’t a problem at all. I haven’t increased the height of the box yet.  If I manage to keep up this rhythm  and sleep properly (ok, not 12 hours but, ideally, at least 6) I might be able to add some cm to my jumps soon.

For the rest of the exercises, I just forced myself to finish them in time. It wasn’t easy, I had plenty of moments staring at the sheet thinking “What do I do now? Thing! Read! What am I doing?” In fact, cute-guy asked about waiter carries and oxygen-deprived-monkey-brain couldn’t understand his perfect accent. Luckily, native-speaker clarified the situation. Cute-guy will not speak to monkey ever again.

Now I’m sitting at my desk thinking what I could do to get rid of my back pain. I’m pretty sure not even lying on the perfect mattress would help at this point. I just need to give it time… I hope.


Status update

We’re changing workouts every two weeks now. I like the current format. Instead of resting we’re supposed to do all sorts of stretching and core stability exercises. A more elaborate description you can find here. Also, Matt is timing us, so we can’t be lazy. I think this  actually helps me lose weight. The scale has started to show me encouraging numbers.

At the moment I’m in terrible pain. I’m slowly improving the technique for the power cleans, which means I’m using my muscles properly, which means it hurts more afterwards. Also, it means that the bruise I have on my left collar bone is going to heal and I’ll have some on my shoulders instead.

Today I had an attempt to increase the height of the box for plyometrics and that was a disaster. At first I was really scared about it because I could only jump just above it and I know how painful it is to miss. So Matt put a plank under my feet which decreased the height difference with about 2 cm and I did a set without any problems. Then my brain/will/whatever just collapsed. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I struggled on the next set with the usual box, but that was it. On the last set my body just decided – no, this is not going to happen! I thought it was more of a mental block, but after jumping on a small box – which I was using for warmups at some point – I realised I was genuinely tired. I’m not sure what the problem is. I might not recover as good as I used to between workouts or I might get tired even faster during the exercise. Or maybe it has to do with the fact that I didn’t sleep well last night (only four hours – stupid, I know). Either way, this has to change because I really want to jump on that big box. It’s not even that big and I’m sure I can do it.

On a side note, I wish all my mornings would start like this:

Steak – the extra mile

It’s been quiet around here simply because not much has happened since. I’m not cooking as much as I’d like to. I just get back home tired in the evening and decide to have emergency lunch the next day. Apparently, it’s not emergency lunch when you have it every day. Yesterday I reached the darkest corner of my cupboard and pulled out a can of sardines. That was the last straw. Something needed to be done! But I was just as tired and didn’t really feel like cooking. I asked Daniel what I should prepare hoping that his answer will motivate me. He said “STEAK!” There was no argument about it.

So, 10 min later, in the supermarket I was staring at all the meat and couldn’t decide. Chicken? Chicken liver? Fish? Steak? Financial issues helped me made the choice in the end. Finally, I found aged steak at a decent price, similar to the regular cuts (rather than 200% more) and my heart leaped with joy.

The package warned the average customer about the dark colour and the specific odour. I opened it and realised that’s the proper smell meat should have. I’ve been fooling myself for so long!

Now, don’t rush into things and throw this beauty in the pan. This needs to be grilled!

So next time you don’t know what to cook, make a little bit of effort. Do yourself a favour and grill a nice piece of beef. This was one of the most tender steaks I’ve had in ages. The only problem now… there’s no going back after this!