Something sweet

I’ve been thinking about these for a while. Finally, yesterday I had the time and courage to make some.

I can’t really follow a recipe without adjusting it so I’ve started by replacing the peanuts with walnuts. I insisted on roasting them. However, they tasted amazing in the first place, so the process was rather unnecessary.

This caused a bit of a mess.

So here is the initial cast of characters: ½ cup dates, 1 cup nuts and the stuff of the Gods – Dutch-processed cocoa. British people will never understand, that’s why I had to bring some from far far away. Please note my very colourful measuring cups and poor lighting.

I had to chop the dates, since I don’t have a food processor.

Also, I couldn’t find any rolling pin in the kitchen, so I used a jar to smash the walnuts. 😀

Things got a bit lumpy and at this point I started to improvise.

The recipe requires vanilla extract. Usually this is packed with sugar, so I bought vanilla pods. By the way, the packaging is ridiculously stupid. Firstly, that huge sheet of plastic gets stuck inside the tube. Then, there are two pods in there, but not individually sealed. Such a waste!

I was really excited to find rum flavouring in the baking isle and completely forgot that I was on my way to buy the real stuff. Unfortunately, its taste is not as good as it should be. And it wasn’t very strong either. I poured loads and I think this is the main mistake I made.

In the end, I scooped in about 100g of peanut butter and added some raisins, because the mixture wasn’t sweet enough.

½ cup dates might not seem much, but I ended up with 40 balls.

This is the disaster I’ve created:

And don’t get fooled by these little guys, I checked the recipe on myfitnesspal and each of them has about 67calories, 8g of carbs, 3g of fat,  2g of protein and 2g of fiber. Quite a powerful mix, I’d say.

Final result:

Packing them nicely was a bit of a problem. These went to work with me today and I’ve been eating them like crazy. I’m not losing any weight today.

And if you’re sick and tired of all this sweetness, here’s what I had for lunch:


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