Nicest present

I got a nice surprise today.

Can one wish for anything more?

Perhaps some mayo to go with these…

…once this contraption manages to drain the excess liquid from them.

Tomorrow is cooking time!!

[Later edit]

The liquid has drained! Start mincing procedure…

.. to get a coarse paste.

We interrupt the process to create actual mayonnaise, from one boiled yolk and one raw yolk.

Add lots of oil (sunflower in this case), some lemon juice and mustard for flavour. The best thing ever!

Then you mix them up, and season with a pinch of salt.

Use some freshly baked almond-flour bread…

Et voila! This is how you get aubergine salad with mayo and tomatoes!

And don’t believe that we threw away the boiled egg white… Just look at this happy couple…

They were delicious!


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