Lunch box

My life revolves around the lunch box. I think about it the day before. I cook in the evening. I drop everything to fill it properly. Because the success of my diet depends on what I eat at work.

So I prepare things like these:

…plenty of them!

This was dinner:

And while I ate that, something else was cooking:

Can you tell I like chicken?

Unfortunately, there are days when I don’t have time to cook. I recently had to rush to the supermarket and improvise something that looks like a healthy lunch. I left with some lean cooked ham, a pot of cottage cheese, a ready-made salad (I threw away the dressing) and a small pot of fruit. Not as amazing as cooking, but it kept me going. I really liked Daniel’s version of emergency lunch – smoked fish, greek olives, tomatoes and avocado bought from the Farmer’s Market, a small organic shop close to our office.


16 thoughts on “Lunch box

  1. Ok, one more post like this and I will cancel my subscription. Your food looks amazing and your diet based on meat ( as it seems from the photos) is not helping me with mine which includes completely different things for two out of the three meals a day.
    Anyhow, for the third normal meal I have started to cook veal and it’s surprisingly good.

    • I promis I will post a photo of my afternoon snack, which is a protein shake. My diet is very rich in protein because of the workouts. I still don’t understand why you can’t have as much meat as you want. You really need to explain this to me.

      I will also post full day meal plans once I get the hang of it.

      • My two other meals are usually or should be also shakes ( yogurt and a powder that tastes good and is, I quote: “filled with nutrients and vitamins that the body requires as meal replacements for two of the daily meals. These shakes or snacks which are available to replace the meal contain high levels of protein which means that you can continue to build muscle while the program is being followed.”)
        I suppose it’s like the stuff you eat but my diet does not include workouts ( though I carry my havy laptop to work each day and also carry the D90 on the mountain in the weekend) šŸ˜€
        For now my meal plans are compromised by the chocolate I receive and by my weekly trips to Pitesti where it is twice as difficult to prepare and eat the shakes.

    • You can have the shake at work, around 9 or so. I don’t like some of the ingredients there (soy, corn bran, honey), but that’s just me being picky.

      What is really bad – it has more carbs than protein, which is quite poor. There’s no problem if you get more protein, the body only uses as much as it needs. I was getting 180g on a non-workout day, just to give you a comparison. The 50g recommendation is so small!

      Anyway, I wish they added more psyllium husks. You only have 3g of fibre in a serving. You should aim for 25-30g per day and it’s really difficult to get enough from vegetables without getting too much carbs. You could buy some on their own and add them to the shakes.

      The stuff you’re drinking is quite good, but it adds little amounts of nutrients to your diet. The success really depends on what you eat on the other meals. What’s the scale saying?

    • Wait, now I’ve realised it… You drink two shakes and have only ONE meal a day?? This means your weight is going down super-fast!! Are you getting enough food?

      Daniel was checking the label of that stuff and found that you should add protein to it. šŸ˜‰

      • Well, this is why my other meal should contain meat. I usually eat a soup and a steak with some vegetanles at lunch. The stuf I use for the shakes lacks some thing for a good reason: so that they can sell other stuff next to the formula 1, like protein bars, vitamins and other expensive stuff.
        In between the meals I eat apples or bananas or chocolate when I feel like cheating šŸ˜‰

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