Sweet cravings

It’s not the first time I mention this word – cravings. And, for sure, it’s not going to be the last time. Let’s face it, you can’t ignore that urge to eat something  – sometimes a very specific item, other times extremely generic, driving you mad and making you eat a lot more than you need. Is it stress, psychological, is it the way our body is telling us that it needs something, that important nutrients are lacking, that you’re bored or thirsty? Frequently, the reason matters less than the outcome. Cravings are usually enhancing bad eating habits and lead to weight gain and frustration. That’s why people give them a negative connotation.

I try to deal with cravings as much as possible and perceive them as an alarm, rather than a bad habit. Ignoring and dismissing them is not always the best option. Identifying the cause and finding healthier food that satisfies that necessity is my favourite approach.

How it works? Remember that tomato&basil chicken pasta I was agonising over during the diet? I’ve simply ignored it. The food doesn’t match my current diet, I don’t even like it that much, it’s more of an acquired taste, so I’ve decided it isn’t worth the trouble. The emotional part is gone and not even the supermarket shelf stacked with the thing can trigger it again.

Other things require more thought. The first weeks after the diet I felt the need to somehow compensate the lack of solid food. I did my best to keep it healthy, though. So I ate fruit like crazy. The feeling that I can eat as much as I want was exhilarating. Freedom! I knew I wouldn’t gain weight, so I had no limits.  I managed to replace my cravings for chocolate, muffins and chips with healthy ones. It was my comfort zone, my safety net.

Now I want to keep loosing weight, so the careless days are over. I’m monitoring my carbs intake and it turned out to be slightly difficult, but not impossible. I’m sure that in a few days I’ll be able to adjust the numbers according to the V-diet. The best part is that I managed to kill some bad cravings today, and didn’t go over the plan.

I was shopping hungry and I began to stare at cheesecakes and custards when I realised that I need to add something to my dinner. Something creamy, that I rarely eat. No, I didn’t buy any sweet yoghurts or pies. I’ve negotiated a bit with my dissatisfied brain and settled for some roasted red pepper houmous. It would’ve been good with some almond flour flatbread. I don’t think I’ve ever bought houmous myself. I didn’t even know where they keep it. This added 4g of carbs and 2g of fibre to my meals. Not such a tragedy, I’d say.

At home, a nice surprise was expecting me. Yesterday I was baking some flatbread when one of my neighbours asked me about it. She noticed it a few weeks ago when I was in  a hurry and left one in the kitchen to cool. Since she didn’t dare to try it then, I offered her some once it’s done. However, my neighbour didn’t return to the kitchen in time, so I’ve left a small box filled with flatbread pieces and a note.

And I got a response:

There was only one piece left inside.

I’m not sure who ate it, but I’m happy my neighbours are craving healthy stuff simply because I cook more. That houmous never tasted better.


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