I’m eating like a pig

I feel that I should describe my life post-V-diet in more detail, because I don’t want people to get the wrong impression after seeing all my foodie posts.

Basically, I’ve messed up the transition period and I’m having troubles in balancing my new shake+food menu. Which means I’m having tons of food and a shake or two per day, but everything is completely chaotic. The only rules I obey are no sweets, no bread, no pasta. I should be counting my carbs intake, but, on one hand, it would require a constant effort and I’m too lazy to do that, and, on the other hand, it’s been going pretty well so far.

I’ve finished the diet at 55 kg and I’m still fluctuating around this figure (between 54.6 and 56.2). Meanwhile, I’ve been getting for sure a lot more carbs than I should’ve, mainly from fruit and root vegetables. I am eating grapes and bananas (both forbidden in regular diets) like crazy!! Add apples, strawberries, raspberries… you get the point. I’m filling that beautiful fruit basket every two days and snack all the time (even at 2 am, if necessary).

Also, I generously double my servings of hazelnuts and pistachio, and if I am really stressed out about something I forget the limit on dried dates as well. And those are really sugary, they could easily ruin any diet.

When it comes to eggs, meat or cheese, sky is the limit. I have no remorse.

In spite all that, my weight hasn’t gone up. It’s been three weeks and I can’t complain. I had to buy smaller jeans this weekend. What an incredible feeling!

Since I’m planning to lose more weight I should get back to counting carbs. For this, I’m going to use myfitnesspal, which proved to be a very useful tool. I didn’t even get to set it properly and it already pointed out some mistakes in my current diet.

Also, I think I need more protein, the training program we are using now is quite tough and my body is not recovering very well. I feel like an old lady 90% of the time. I have some back pain and muscle cramps and one of my hips is falling apart. Aside from that, my upper body exercises are finally going better since I’m eating properly. The deadlifts are getting heavier and heavier and after my joints will stop hurting, the squats are going to be awesome again.

You can skip to the conclusion of this very long post which is:

Eat, people, EAT! Keep your bellies full and happy, eat the good stuff! It won’t make you fat, it will keep you strong and healthy.


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