On Wednesday we tested our strength and I was quite impressed with some of the results.

Box squat – 62.5 kg

(I did 47.5kg before Christmas, so I’m really proud of this achievement.)

Bench press – 33.5 kg

(This was pathetic. I can do 3×5 sets with this weight, but I failed on 35kg.)

Sumo deadlift – 80 kg

(Wooohoooo! Usually I was struggling at 65kg and I didn’t think I could go beyond that, especially after failing at bench press.)

I’m still in pain, but I’m glad we did this. The numbers may not look impressive, however I’m amazed by the progress I’ve made. I can’t believe I couldn’t deadlift 40kg last summer. That’s my warm up now. ūüėÄ


About pain

“You walk like you’ve shat yourself!” That’s what we hear from Matt from time to time after a workout. “I know what happened, but whoever sees you like that…” and then he laughs pleased with himself. And we laugh too, at least I do, because he’s incredibly right, but there’s nothing we can do about it.

When I first started training I thought the soreness will be acute and will have something to do with lactic acid and all those stories I’ve heard in biology class. ¬†I really didn’t know what I signed up for. Oh, the pain of the first weeks!! Two days¬†of¬†not being able to get out of bed, sit on a chair or climb stairs properly. And just as you begin to recover, it’s time for another workout! At the time, I didn’t want to meet anybody, I didn’t want my housemates see me in that horrible state. I walked like an old lady and complained at every step. And held onto walls, mostly!

Now I recover much faster, but I constantly feel some sort of pain in my muscles. The protein shakes help a lot! Still, even after 8 hours of sleep, my legs feel tired and not very happy to start a new day cycling. Which makes me feel that I’m entitled to complain, sigh, groan and moan all the time. Also, I stretch and massage the sore spots as much as possible. I must be a funny sight during lunchtime. Or perhaps not. It’s been difficult in the past week, since people around me didn’t understand why I’m so miserable. Although I took a long break, I feel that I haven’t recovered completely.

In addition, I’ve been quite absent minded in the gym and managed to hurt myself. Two weeks ago I bruised my shinbone while doing plyometrics and this morning I “fixed” the other leg. Luckily, I’ve learnt my lesson and kept my balance, so this time it’s not as bad. I’ve been doing some other stupid things, however, out of pure fortune, I got away unharmed. I need to pay more attention to these things before it gets really serious.

I’m not sure why I’m writing all this. Perhaps its my inherent need to complain. Or maybe I just want to share this funny, dull, ¬†and painful aspect of my life.

You’d’ve been proud…

This was my breakfast in the past week. Sometimes I didn’t have the egg, so I’d double the quantity on the other plate. People didn’t really understand how eating fat instead of carbs counts as a diet, but they also had no problems in filling their plates with buns, croissants and pancakes at breakfast, or potatoes AND pasta for lunch and dinner. I didn’t understand that either.

Hang on!

I keep rattling about food lately, but I seem to have forgotten why this blog exists. From time to time the search terms remind me what’s important.

People end up on this blog searching for things like “my first solid meal in velocity diet” or “velocity diet two weeks”. And I always feel bad because they end up on my silly blog. And I’m not sure they find anything useful here.

So, for those of you on the Velocity-diet, or those of you thinking about it and ending up on this page:

HANG ON IN THERE!! You’re doing great!!!

You are on the V-diet which means you’re tough and amazing. And you’ll be even more awesome when you finish this diet. I mean it with all my mind, heart, soul, religion and darwinism. I’ve been there, I know how it feels. The first two weeks are, let’s say, emotionally challenging. I’ve been searching for other people’s experiences, I’ve been reading pros and cons, I’ve been watching before and after photos and videos. It helps, to some extent, but nobody on this bloody internet has the courage to say that, yes, YOU ARE DOING IT RIGHT!!

They all say it’s difficult, they all avoid recommending this diet. I’ve never told anybody to do it, because I don’t think I know that many people who actually need it¬†and, among these, I don’t think any of them could keep up with it. But if you’ve realised that you need this diet and you think you can do it then, by all means, DO IT!

It’s the most balanced diet I’ve ever heard of. It’s just amazing. There’s simply no other way to get so much protein and so little carbs and fat in your diet. It’s foolproof. There is no “I’ve tried it, it didn’t work.” It works! You will shed fat incredibly fast.

I’ve been counting carbs and protein grams after I finished the diet and I can tell you for sure…loosing weight in a “sensible” manner is nearly impossible. It’s extremely easy to keep your weight, but dropping fat without starving yourself is extremely tricky. I’ll let you know once I figure that bit out.

You won’t get fat afterwards, you won’t get ill, what you’re doing is not in vain. One month will be gone in no time and food will taste amazing again. What’s important, you’ll be healthier and happier.

So hang on in there, there’s no need to worry!

Potato, tomato…

I was mentioning that eating out was dangerous for my new low carb diet. Well, this week I’m in Germany, living only on restaurant meals. Avoiding carbs in the country of potatoes and sp√§tzle¬† is quite tricky, but not impossible.

Luckily, the hotel provides a nice buffet breakfast and a wide range of roasted and steamed vegetables for lunch. I had to tell people I’m training a lot and eating accordingly, otherwise I couldn’t explain the massive pile of cured meat, cheese, eggs, sausages and meatballs that I eat in the morning.

Dinners are a bit of a pain though. German people seem fluent in English, but they don’t understand shit of what you say. On the first evening, I told the waitress I didn’t want any potatoes with my steak and she explained my order to the cook (who was Italian, btw) in a very elaborate manner. All I could understand from her speech was the word Tomaten, which had nothing to do with what I asked. I had to spell it out: steak, salad! ¬†The meal was good,¬†eventually.

The second story happened at an Italian pizzeria. I understand Italian, but I’m incapable to speak it. I don’t speak/understand German. The waiter knew about two words in English. The English menu hadn’t been updated in ages and it didn’t match the German version. I was dying to get some veal with chanterelles¬†since february. I asked about the side dish and mentioned I didn’t want any noodles. His answer:”No mushroom? OK!” “Nooo, mushroom OK!!”, I cried in despair. Then I spent the next 20 min or so wondering wether he understood that I do want the mushroom, I want them very much! Meanwhile, I had to tell the people at the table about my previous adventures and the source of my paranoia. They offered me pizza, since it was anyway healthier than the noodles and potato salad I was about to receive. And then…then… this was brought to my table:

And I wanted to cry of joy because it looked 100 times better than my greatest expectations. I would’ve preferred the meat slightly grilled, it was rather simmered in wine sauce, but it was tender and tasty. The chanterelles were there, in plain sight, firm and perfect, not some soggy defrosted mush. And the plate was covered in delicious courgettes and aubergines with soft cherry tomatoes. Heaven!!

Someone ordered salmon. I didn’t try it, but I’m sure it was great. It looked amazing, that’s for sure.

Tonight things went smoothly. The waiter, presumably Italian, spoke English very well. I insisted on saying “kein Kartoffeln, ein Salat” but it felt pointless. I had a nice pink steak with some lettuce.

Ah, I’ve heard someone claiming they won’t get fat because they ate a baked potato instead of fries. They didn’t believe me when I smiled devilishly saying: “Oh, you will get fat…!!”

In conclusion, eating healthy food in a restaurant might be a bit of a hassle when the dishes are fixed and you need to make adjustments. Not knowing the local language is also a tremendous problem. I think learning Italian might pay off, though.

Something sweet

I’ve been thinking about these for a while. Finally, yesterday I had the time and courage to make some.

I can’t really follow a recipe without adjusting it so I’ve started by replacing the peanuts with walnuts. I insisted on roasting them. However, they tasted amazing in the first place, so the process was rather unnecessary.

This caused a bit of a mess.

So here is the initial cast of characters:¬†¬Ĺ cup dates, 1 cup nuts and the stuff of the Gods – Dutch-processed cocoa. British people will never understand, that’s why I had to bring some from far far away. Please note my very colourful measuring cups and poor lighting.

I had to chop the dates, since I don’t have a food processor.

Also, I couldn’t find any rolling pin in the kitchen, so I used a jar to smash the walnuts. ūüėÄ

Things got a bit lumpy and at this point I started to improvise.

The recipe requires vanilla extract. Usually this is packed with sugar, so I bought vanilla pods. By the way, the packaging is ridiculously stupid. Firstly, that huge sheet of plastic gets stuck inside the tube. Then, there are two pods in there, but not individually sealed. Such a waste!

I was really excited to find rum flavouring in the baking isle and completely forgot that I was on my way to buy the real stuff. Unfortunately, its taste is not as good as it should be. And it wasn’t very strong either. I poured loads and I think this is the main mistake I made.

In the end, I scooped in about 100g of peanut butter and added some raisins, because the mixture wasn’t sweet enough.

¬Ĺ cup dates might not seem much, but I ended up with 40 balls.

This is the disaster I’ve created:

And don’t get fooled by these little guys, I checked the recipe on myfitnesspal and each of them has about¬†67calories, 8g of carbs, 3g of fat, ¬†2g of protein and 2g of fiber. Quite a powerful mix, I’d say.

Final result:

Packing them nicely was a bit of a problem. These went to work with me today and I’ve been eating them like crazy. I’m not losing any weight today.

And if you’re sick and tired of all this sweetness, here’s what I had for lunch: