Weekend roundup

It’s been a while since I posted a healthy meal on this blog. The weekend was all about  cooking and shopping, no time for writing.

On Friday I decided I should be an awesome girlfriend and cook dinner. So I went to the supermarket to buy some lettuce and ended up randomly selecting stuff. I didn’t feel very inspired, so I picked up a bunch of vegetables that didn’t make much sense. I had some lean pork in my fridge which needed to be cooked, but I couldn’t really decide how. I  grabbed some mushrooms, just in case, tomatoes, peppers, and decided to give broccoli a chance. I found a nice vegetable mix (snap peas, broccoli, carrots, baby corn). At home, I remembered I had some creme fraiche and I realised I want pork with creamy mushrooms. By the way, I’ve found this amazing recipe by Jamie Oliver. I’m craving for some wild mushrooms now, not the pale spongy ones you can easily find in the supermarket. Not the right season, though…

I still don’t know how to cook tender pork. Maybe it depends on the cut. The meat tasted great, but the texture was a bit too harsh.

Broccoli doesn’t stand a chance, unfortunately.

Saturday we had our first training with the new schedule. Split squats and cleans nearly killed me. But then I got home and recovered with this:

I’m into German sausages and salami at the moment. I filled my fridge with all varieties I could find. And this omelette that my boyfriend made…at least 100 times better than what I cooked last week. Fighting over the last bite was definitely worth it.

In the evening we had to cook dinner for him. I wasn’t supposed to eat anything, but I had to taste this:

 Those are Shiitake mushrooms. They look quite funny…

 …and they have a funny name.

The dessert he had is a big “no no” because the cream contains honey. The figs are a good addition, though. Lately, I’ve been stuffing my face with fruit. I assume that’s healthy enough.

On Sunday I went shopping for loaf tins and got back home with a grill pan. I haven’t tested the fire alarms yet. Soon, very soon…

We had lunch at Nando’s because we kinda missed it. The chicken was delicious as usually, but the salad was extremely disappointing. It lacked flavour and crunchiness. Next time I’m ordering grilled haloumi cheese and mushrooms with extra coleslaw.

In the evening I made almond flour flatbread, as I wanted to have something for breakfast this week. It tastes like home-made pizza crust – just like that edge on which you dropped some cheese and now it’s all baked and golden brown. It’s great, but very filling. I had a small square this morning and that was enough. I still can’t imagine how this replaces bread. All the bread substitute recipes contain eggs and cheese. The result,  most of the time,  is a fancy cheesy omelette. This recipe is more on the cheesy side, rather than eggy, so I’m planning to bake it again. Next time I’ll add rosemary, and some poppy seeds, perhaps. I found some nice jam with no added sugar, but I still need something to spread it on. The quest for the perfect cracker continues.

The healthy pancakes we had today looked genuine, but lacked any resemblance to the real deal in terms of taste. Whey protein, ricotta and 6 eggs are nothing than a good vehicle for peanutella. I’m going to make my own version, just to prove that it can be done properly.


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