I am a squirrel!

Otherwise, I couldn’t explain why I have about 8 kg of dried fruit and nuts in my room:

See those hazelnuts? They will disappear first. They’re just pure, raw nutella. I munched on them till my jaw hurt. You can order these healthy treats from HBS Natural Choice. Their offer is amazing, I had a really difficult time choosing between all that, I just wanted everything!

Tonight’s dinner was an enormous steak with some mushroom and a simple salad. I know the colours on my plate match each other too well, but I love this dish anyway.

Seriously, who cares?! I mean, just look at that steak… Look at it!

Now I remember why I don’t like raw onions in my salads. Everything tastes of onions, so I’m balancing it with raspberries and grapes. And a banana, and a few hazelnuts… maybe grapes again? I am a terrible person!


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