Omelette du fromage

I’ve never invested so much time and care in making an omelette. At first, I sliced the tomatoes and sweet peppers, and threw them in a pan with some hot oil. Then I chopped some dill, a little bit of onion, some Milano salami, a mini Babybel, added the eggs and – voilà! – the most complicated omelette I could think of. The salad was half eaten before the eggs were even getting cooked. Biltong matches the grapefruit perfectly and the subtle dill flavour brings cohesion into this salad. The only thing it’s lacking is a recipe, I simply added whatever I felt like. The result was better than I expected.

I didn’t get to share them, so here are my measurements before and after the diet:

Height 155 155
Weight 57.6 55.2
Neck 31 31
Chest – Upper 89 86
Chest – Lower 76 73
Waist – at Navel 80 76
Waist – at largest 88 84
Hips – at largest 98 96
Upper Arm – L 26 25
Upper Arm – R 26 25
Upper Leg – L 56 55.5
Upper Leg – R 58 56.5
Lower Leg – L 36 36.5
Lower Leg – R 37 37.5
Ankle – L 22.5 22.5
Ankle – R 23 23

They all seem to have decreased, except my calves. Of course, there’s some significant error in my measurements, in spite of repeating them over and over. My legs are shaped a bit differently now and it’s difficult to estimate how I took the initial measurement. However, I tend to believe these numbers. If I look at my training sheet, on most of the exercises I’ve increased the weight until I reached my max and then struggled there for a long period of time. On squats, there is a steady increase. I’ve started with 35 kg and managed to add 2.5 kg at every two sessions. I’ve even reached my personal record (47.5 kg in one rep, that was before Xmas). I should’ve lifted 52.5 today, but there was no space in the powerlifting room. Maybe next time…


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